July Reports from Resort Latitude Zero

Telo Islands - Sumatra - 28 July 2016 - Swell 4-5 ft.
What an incredible week its been for the current Resort Latitude Zero guests.  It all started with a solo session at one of our favourites, then onward to sample numerous amazing breaks found throughout the Telo Island chain. There has been a running backgammon championship on the boat, roof top beverages and fishing, resulting in delicious sashimi for all.  With a dropping swell there will likely be some more fishing, snorkelling and relaxation, as its been a stellar week full of great waves and memories.   – RLZ Guide Team

Telo Islands - Sumatra - 26 July 2016 - Swell 5-6 ft.
The swell may have dipped a little, but that hasn’t stopped our guides from finding near perfection sessions for the current Resort Latitude Zero guests.  With both goofy and natural footers having the a surf holiday for memory books here in the beautiful Telo Islands. The crew from Melbourne even sneaking in a fishing afternoon and lucking out with a few good catches.  As always the froth levels are high here at Resort Latitude Zero!  – RLZ Guide Team

Telo Islands - Sumatra - 24 July 2016 - Swell 5-6 ft.
The dynamic state of the Telo Island weather has kept the surf guide team busy over the past few days.  Variable winds and the odd storm have had the team searching for windows and opening doors to some mind bending sessions that have kept everyone on their toes.  Tomorrows forecast is looking very decent and all the boys are surf chanting as we speak promoting its arrival.  – RLZ Guide Team

Telo Islands - Sumatra - 22 July 2016 - Swell 6-8 ft.
This weeks swell report has lived up to expectations here in the beautiful Telo Islands, and is hanging around in fine form too.  Its been a week of chopping and changing on the boats amongst a group of fathers, sons and good mates at Resort Latitude Zero. Making for a fun combination of characters and conversations on all boats.  North to North West winds and solid swell have seen some old favourites come into play, not too far from our Paradise Island.  The Bungalow boat had a very relaxed atmosphere with surfing followed by naps and more surfing in hair raising and chilled out sessions throughout the day.  – RLZ Guide Team

Telo Islands - Sumatra - 19 July 2016 - Swell 6-8 ft.
The forecasted swell hit the Telo Islands with a bang and did not disappoint the current guests at Resort Latitude Zero.  Some guests opting for stand tall barrels while others choosing postcard perfection with a little more protection, that only light up with the size swell on offer. One lucky guest being gifted the barrel of his life on his birthday!  The forecast is looking healthy for new coming guests to our paradise island. Check out the images become envious and (book) treat yourself to a trip of a life time!  – RLZ Guide Team

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