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December is here, the Friday of months has arrived and the silly season is knocking on your door uproariously demanding your time, money and for some of you, your inebriation. But before you get swept away by the glory of Christmas lights, New Year hang overs and poor spending choices you should definitely be looking at our Get In Early sale.

Why? Because sometime in the next 8 months or so you'll stand up from your unforgiving workload and think "Bugger this, I'd rather be SURFING." At this point you'll be kicking yourself for not getting in early. As wiser men have said, Victory favours the prepared and those getting in now for their 2014 trip are certainly displaying wisdom... and also pocketing the change.

This week we're reviewing the Manta, our premium Maldives surf charter option.

Manta is a big beauty at 105ft with multiple decks, huge saloons, entertainment areas and 9 cabins available you can spread out and enjoy the space. Built in 2006 and then refurbished in 2009 Manta is impressive, comfortable and spacious. At a glance: Manta looks the part and you certainly wouldn’t be ashamed of bringing your partner aboard to show off your digs. Your cabin is spacious with private facilities, the food is tasty, plentiful and above expectation. The crew reliable and friendly and a holiday in the Maldives is always something special, Manta just makes it more so.

Manta Suite

  • Region: Malè Atolls, North to South.

  • Speed: Cruising Speed: 9 to 11 Knots.

Best 3 features:

  1. Number 1 - DIVE AND SURF DHONI, a HUGE 62 ft Dhoni that ferries you to the best waves in absolute style, the Dhoni is one of two surf tenders allowing for split group activities, multiple breaks and more.

  2. Number 2 - SPACE, your own cabin, multiple decks and eating areas ensure that you’ve got room to stretch your legs and get some inner and outer peace without distraction.

  3. Number 3 - SURF GUIDE NAHU, a local with more experience guiding throughout the Maldives than you’ve had eating hot meals. Nahu can read the swell and weather patterns like you can read a takeaway menu. With Nahu at the prow you’ll find the best waves on any day, every day!

The Mobula Surf and Dive Dhoni

Recommended for: Manta is spacious enough, plush enough and comfortable enough that you can certainly bring your partner. There' plenty to do besides surfing in the Maldives so don't stress, they won't get cabin fever and the trip will be as much for them as for you. However, if you're after a boys trip and aren't willing to forgo a few creature comforts this is the perfect trip. Manta is more than capable of looking after you and your partner if they want to tag along.

How much (includes international Airfare): With the current Get In Early special, Manta comes in at an affordable $3,023pp for individuals. Group discounts apply so if you've got the numbers you can save even more.


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