Huey produces! Latest swell reports from Telo Island Lodge

16 April 2016 Surf Report - Huey Produces.

The swell has hit and our guests are frothing. Although it is plain day and they are leaving shortly, they would be happy to say they are pleasantly surfed out. The past few days Huey has produced many nice, memorable waves for all guides and guests out at the lodge.


The Left, Le-ba, GT’s, Big W and the waves out front at Max's Right have all simply been on fire! Swell has been around 3-6ft, winds have been light, switching direction throughout the day, allowing us to mix it up between the breaks.


With reports saying the swell will drop a foot or two over the next 2 days followed by a slight pulse in a few days time, its looking good for our new guests' trip.

15 April 2016 Surf Report - Surf's up

Hey, guys. The last few days have been the calm before the storm out on the islands. Yesterday we had a little taste of what we have to come with a few larger waves than we have had this trip so far. Today we have seen a slight rise in the swell, which hopefully will make for an epic few days of waves.


The left was surfed yesterday morning at about 2-4ft, winds out of the SE but was very, very light giving nice clean conditions. The Pinnacles lineup was filled with our guests, only 5 in the water, giving them many waves to talk about over dinner. It was in the 3-5ft range, perfect off-shore conditions.


We chucked in a few little trips to mix things up, such as a trip to Telo where we went riding the mopeds around the island checking out what it has to offer. On top of this, we went on a fishing trip out to one of many superb fishing spots, the boys bringing home 3 nice Dog Tooth Tunas.


Let's hope these next few days are riddled with good waves to finish off the tail end of the boys' trip!


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