Hudhuranfushi Resort Surf Report - August 2017

06th Sep 2017

August Hudhuranfushi Report photos by Richard Kotch and Ali Ahmed.


Maybe I should write this in another language to add a bit of variety to my reports! August has been exceptional here at Hudhuranfushi with non-stop world-class waves for much of the month, and even when it wasn’t too flash at lohis it was still good just up or down the coast. I recently wrote on Insta that I remember growing up to a chorus of “it was way better back in the day” rhetoric from all the older surfers claiming that the waves were so much better in years gone by, but I am convinced that each year the waves get better and better out here in the Maldives – even ten years ago I remember quiet weeks with not much swell or on-shore winds but nowadays we never get a break - there are waves of some sort virtually every day of the season, and the guests love it!

I’m writing this looking out of the office window at 4-5ft Lohis, it’s not perfect yet, the swell is still a bit raw but the wind has just swung to the West/North West (off-shore) and someone called Gabriel Medina has just walked through the front door! It’s going to be a good day at Lohis!!

See you soon,


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