Hudhuranfushi Resort report June 2014.

Howdy Folks,

So another month has passed. Whilst we here in Australia started to feel the bitter chill of winter those lucky enough to have booked in their place at Hudhuranfushi Resort, Maldives lapped up the serious swell that careered through almost all of June.

Richard and Amy Kotch, had the camera at hand throughout June and have passed on the latest set of images to for your pleasure.

Hudhuranfushi Resort is a slice of paradise in the Maldives- make sure you get in touch today - IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO SCORE THE MALDIVES IN 2014.

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Words - Richard Kotch


If May was a month of extremes, June was all about consistency! Swell after swell hit the Maldives to such an extent that it was hard to tell the end of one swell and the start of the next. It got to the point that many of the guides out here were looking at the charts trying to see when the swell was going to drop so that they could rest their paddle weary shoulders! So yes, it has been an epic month.  Highlights would be the Cokes swells of the 9th -14th and 17th-19th and of course the visit of the world’s fittest female athlete - Sally Fitz! Sally loves Lohis! She has had some great weeks on the island over the past few years, in fact her first overseas surf trip was to this Maldivian jewel. She scored then so she has kept coming back! However this latest trip was more work than play, and most days involved a busy photo schedule planned out for an up-coming book project, (that sounds epic btw) but she still found time for a few trips up to Cokes and was always the first out in the water for the early at Lohis!

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