Hudhuranfushi Resort July report

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for the late post on this one. Legendary guides Amy and Richard Kotch passed on their report from the Island of White Gold, Hudhuranfushi early last week. We've been drooling over the images for a while now and it's way past time we shared. With late season now being ushered in, it's the perfect time to lock down a trip to Hudhuranfushi resort and score. Late season is famed for lights winds, fun consistent surf and far fewer people, we can't recommend it enough.  Or just sit back , take 5 and enjoy the report from the dynamite duo Rich and Amy Kotch.

There's a good reason why July is my favourite month to be in the Maldives! This year, of the 31 days of July, 25 days were overhead or bigger! Talk about consistency and talk about being surfed out!

This July all the best days had less than ten guys out and so many waves were going un-ridden. As a photo/surfer, there comes a point where you have to just put down the camera and go surfing. This is why, in my mind, this selection of shots doesn't really do July justice. You will just have to take me at my word and believe me when I say, that July in the Maldives has been truly epic!


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