Golden Passport Subscription Box

For your chance to win the Golden Passport, you’ll need to purchase a Golden Ticket. With every purchase of a Golden Ticket, you’ll also score a bunch of cool subscriptions, hand-picked by surfers, for surfers. Not sold yet? Trust us, you will be! Here’s a breakdown of the subscriptions on offer:


Swellnet Pro

Stay dialled into where the best waves are breaking with a 3-month Swellnet Pro subscription. Get unlimited access to 70+ premium surf cams around Australia, without having to cop annoying ads! You’ll also have access to 14-day long-range forecasts - perfect for planning some domestic surf trips over the summer holidays. If you’re an early bird, you can check in at first light for the dawn patrol forecast, meaning you won’t need to guess before you go. Swellnet Pro is literally the ultimate online tool for every surfer.

The usual cost per month is $8.95, but by entering the Golden Passport you’ll get the first 3 months FREE! Then, it’s totally up to whether or not you want to continue with the subscription.

Check out Swellnet’s website here:


Garage Entertainment

Keep the stoke flowing in your downtime with a 3-month subscription to Garage Entertainment.

Garage Entertainment boasts the world’s most comprehensive library of adventure sport films, movies and documentaries. It’s like the Netflix of action sports! From surfing, snowboarding, skating, fishing… Garage Entertainment has something for everyone and will no doubt keep you busy. You’ll unlock hours and hours of exclusive HD content, including film favourites from almost every era. With Garage Entertainment, you can get your surfing fix from the comfort of your couch, or on the go.

Scroll through some of Garage Entertainment’s surf films here:


Cake Club

Never run out of wax, with 6 months’ supply from Cake Club.

Cake Club delivers Sex Wax straight to your door, before you even have to think about it. You’ll never have to be that awkward person in the carpark asking to borrow some wax! Simply select what wax type you’re after, and the rest is up to Cake Club. It really is an effortless process and a concept designed to maximise your time spent in the water. Usually $30, you’ll get this service free for 6 months by entering the Golden Passport. Don’t forget to include some ‘Tropical’ wax, incase you win!

Check out Cake Club’s Instagram here:


Surfing Life

Read through quality and in-depth surf content page by page, with a 3-issue subscription to Surfing Life Magazine.

Surfing Life Magazine is considered an essential resource to thousands of surfers around Australia, and is a beautiful counterbalance to the crazy digital world we live in. Surfing Life prints five issues a year, each totally dedicated to a single topic: Surfers, Waves, Technique, Surf Travel and Surfboards. By entering the Golden Passport, you’ll score 3 of these issues for free, delivered to your doorstep every few months.

Check out Surfing Life’s Instagram here:


Holistica Training Academy

Improve your surfing with a 6-month subscription to Holistica Academy.

Holistica Academy provides surfers access to an entire library of video and e-book content, focused around movement, exercise, diet and mindfulness. This means you can essentially train from anywhere, with an extensive catalogue of programs to suit your lifestyle, preferences and needs. Whether this is your living room, a hotel, or while on a surf trip, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. Usually $31.99 a month, you can enjoy 6 months FREE by entering the Golden Passport. With 3 surf trips up for grabs, you’re going to need to be pretty strong and healthy!

Check out one of Holistica’s surf-focused programs here:


So, what are you waiting for!? You're paying $90 for 5 surf-related subscriptions, and getting over $300 in value. Plus, you'll score a Golden Ticket, meaning you could win 3 world-class surf trips for you and a mate. It's really a no-brainer. 



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