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May and June has seen an incredible run of South swells hitting G-Land, some say the best run of back to back swells for many seasons at this time of year.  The local weather has been somewhat unsettled with wet season type rain which is very unseasonal.  These storms can often put the winds into a spin and normal trades are not as regular.  Lucky for the crew chasing big speedies, there has not been too many sessions ruined by bad winds.  Nowdays if the winds are bad we have the option of using G-Hab (see pic) to take us to some little known right handers that are offshore when G-land is onshore!!


G-hab, Joyo's newest addition has opened up so many opportunities to fish and explore.  Guided by the one and only Mick Burke (see pic holding fish) G-hab has been very popular with guests.  Not just for the experienced angler, Mick has been taking first timers out there and they have been bringing back monsters to feed the camp! 


Ramadan is in full swing here in Java and the staff are fasting from 4am to 4pm.  The staff do an amazing job always, but especially during this period where they are preparing and serving food, it’s a credit to their work ethic and their faith.  Idul Fitri is only a week away and there will be big celebrations around Indonesia, this signifies the end of Ramadan and a holiday for everyone.


We often have families come out to G-land and there is lots of fun activities and designer grommet waves to be had.  The Jenner family from Stradbroke Island were just in camp and had an absolute blast!  They are already looking forward to their return to the Jungle next year. 


Photos Zac Jenner (Goofy) and Ash Jenner (Natural).


There is plenty of the season left so it’s not too late to book your G-land trip for 2016!


Scardy (G-land Surf Guide)


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