A Dream Run - Aganoa Lodge Samoa

Another great surf report thanks to Aganoa Lodge...

Our luck continues this week as Pastor Point has been looking like something out of a surf movie. With 4-5 ft sets rolling down the reef, our guests couldn’t believe their eyes! Not another surfer to be seen on the island, and off shore winds blowing all day – it was a dream come true!

As the week coming to an end, we managed to fit in the Samoan cultural trip to our schedule with a nice cool dip in the local waterfall; for the night, an Aganoa Fia Fia performance was put on for them to enjoy.

Waking up Friday morning, Aganoa Rights was doing its thing with off shore winds and a cracking south swell, whilst relaxing in the lagoon and going for another bike adventure, the guests this week experienced everything Aganoa has to offer.

Looking forward to what the new week brings!


When our guests arrived at the lodge Saturday morning, Aganoa’s beauty has been putting on a show as the crystal clear water laps the white sandy beach, and the sun shines amongst the coconut trees – the guests were blown away!

As the tide filled in and a tropical rain storm moved over, Aganoa Rights started to do its thing with 2-3 ft sets and a light offshore breeze. We surfed until our arms couldn’t take it anymore.

The fishing has also started to increase out the front with some good size Blue Fin Trevallies. We even managed to score a good size dog tooth tuna out on the kayaks. 

Monday morning came, and the swell had dropped off out the front so we loaded the van and set off to find some swell. We were very surprised to see 3-4 ft Carving Walls running along the reef of Pastor Point, it wasn’t long before our guests were dropping in and enjoying what Pastor has to offer.

All surfed out, we headed to the waterfalls to cool off and enjoy to the beauty of mother nature at its greatest!

With swell on the increase, we are looking forward to see what happens!

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