Check out the boys who enjoyed Aura in October!

Aura is the only resort on the island to have a consistent wave directly at its doorstep without any travel needed... the Peak is your front yard playground.  You will find experienced surf guides who have a comprehensive knowledge of the waves and the conditions required.  Aura has the only fiberglass speedboat to get you and your friends to world class waves comfortably and fast.  All bungalows have a direct view of the peak which means you are able to check the surf from your deck.  Run by surfers for surfers...check it out. 

Big thanks to photographer Chris Immler for this months pics.

Check out Jake makin no mistake; Jack enjoying the benefits of a brother that owns a surf resort; Jason at the Peak; Peter on a mellow Peak right; Mark beating up the Peak left; Thomas too focused to enjoy the cool clouds; Mark on a glassy ramp at the Peak; Max tucking in; Mark on morning glass; Josh heading for the light at the end of the tunnel; Harry setting up on the Peak left; Andrew on a nice runner; David driving off the bottom at the Peak; and more...

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