The calm before the storm... Telo Island Lodge guests warming up for the rising swell

It’s been a slow start to the new trip, but that hasn't worried our guests with what amazing surf we have had to play with. Nice, clean, head-height waves and some pretty awesome sunrise and sunsets always makes for a good trip.

 We have been mainly surfing ER with a session at Schoolyards yesterday afternoon and Max's Left to start the trip off. Swell has been around the 2-3ft range, winds out of the East to South West.

 Swell report is looking good with the swell on the rise from this afternoon and building over the next few days. It’s looking like it’s going to be a decent one, let's hope these warm-up days pay off for our new guests!


8 - Surfers Maximum, 2 - Western Guides, 4 - Speed Boats,
20 - Uncrowded Waves, 1 - Unmatched Surfing Experience

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