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8 April 2016 Surf Report -  Good Mates in Paradise

The second half of this week has shown us some traditional Samoan culture in the form of Tapa cloth making, fia fia dance and an explosive display of a tropical storm that whizzed past the lodge, not actually touching down but close enough to provide some spectacular evening entertainment. The waves have been a mellow 2-4 ft but still packing that power that can only come from swells that travel the South Pacific to get here. To compliment this, the winds have been almost breathless.


One particular dusk session was shot from the water by one of our surf guides, Tom, who captured some shimmering images in the fading afternoon sun. Classic golden hour. Surfers and body boarders alike this week have spread across Aganoa’s peaks with nobody else in sight to enjoy some warm water waves with their best mates. We as surfers are already lucky enough to be involved with such a unique, positive lifestyle and sport, but to be able to share that with your mates in tropical isolation is seriously something special.


5 April 2016 Surf Report thanks to the team at Aganoa Lodge Samoa.

Late afternoon sessions on Aganoa Right would probably be the highlight thus far for this week’s guests, who have ridden clean 3-4 ft waves as the sun melted the day away. We've had next to no winds which has been a blessing welcomed by all. Luckily for us, this is a consistent characteristic of this time of year. 

Two sessions at Pastor point so far have proved to be everything the playful wave has to offer - Fun, easy going right-handers casually making their way down a relatively flat reef with zero crowds. Our regular waterfall outing was as refreshing as always. Lets hope mother nature continues to impress us with weather and waves alike.


1 April 2016 - Let The Good Times Roll

What a fun filled week here at the lodge with something on offer for everyone! Surf was pumping on our last day thanks to that magical alignment of unexpected wave and wind conditions that you and your mates dream about. It was completely unexpected andwasn't forecasted; that's just one benefit of living in the middle of an ocean - anything can happen.

We took a joint surf/leisure trip down to Middles with two vans carrying paddle boards, snorkels, a kayak, surfboards, drinks, lunch and a bunch of guests itching for a great time. We fondly call these trips our "adventure picnics", and they never leave our search for excitement unquenched. Anytime you have that many fun activities combined with delicious food (not to mention our own beach!), it's impossible not to have a good time.

The cultural tour was a hit as usual, complete with some basket and mat weaving, a Samoan buffet, tapa demonstration and, of course, dancing. The lodge really transformed into a fun-filled family friendly destination this week which was a great pleasure to see. Picture families exploring the options of our lagoon followed by an early kids dinner and activities while the adults enjoy happy hour cocktails. In other words, the good life.


28 March 2016 - Fantastic Family Fun

From fishing to kayaking, snorkeling to cricket, surfing to paddle-boarding and everything in between, we’ve done it all here this week so far (usually all in one day) with our awesome guests staying at Aganoa Lodge. It's amazing how this place can accommodate barrel hungry surfers one week, chilled out long boarders the next week and then a huge group of families after that, while still leaving everyone stoked.

We'd have to say our lovely lagoon has been used to its full potential already with the guests enjoying all of Aganoa Lodge’s equipment in the Samoan sun. All ages have been frolicking in the turquoise oasis just steps from where they wake up only to chase some friendly 2-3 ft waves at Pastor Point after. Aganoa Right has produced clean-faced waves in the 3-4 ft range all week as well, giving us plenty of options.

Whether you're a couple, a family, a group of mates or someone who just wants to have good time in paradise, we’ve got it all ready and waiting.

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