Aura Surf Resort - April 2016 - Back to Back Swells

Thanks to Aura Resort for their April Surf Report!  Ask us to check availability 27 May - 8 Jun 2016 as last minute spots remain!  Top dog photographer Charlie Cullen is the man to thank for this month's photos..... 

Mindsurf this

Back to Back

Simply put- April pumped! Non stop swells all throughout the month has meant we want to keep the words to a minimum and let the photos do the talking. Check this- book it- surf it- nuff said.  See you soon.

Swell train
When the locals would rather watch the surf than go fishing...its aawwwnnn!
Slotted with room to move
Mellow gold
New swell
Daily fix
The drive paid off
Both sides of the bay firing
Get up on it
This one still needs a name
Pretty isn't it?
Shoulder hopping
Takin it back to the old skool
Foreground, midground, background
Barreling into the sunset
Lip racing
Seen a few of these
P Fly, tired of toobs
Beachie anyone?
Headin for the one behind
Yep, that'll do
The main hub
Getting familiar with the surroundings
Running out of board
Perfect way to start your day
And the perfect way to end your day, sunset sessions on your doorstep
Last light
There's still time!
That's a wrap 

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