Aura Surf Report JULY 2016 Photo Highlights


July was an amazing month.  The clear highlight was the discovery of a new mental wave. This is world class and arguably the best wave on the island. Only problem is you need to be a professional surfer to handle it. So Nick Rozsa flew in for the first ever session on this wave. Pierce and Jimmy were right there, and these 3 insane chargers pulled in on the best session ever to go down in Aura surfing history.

This wave is part of the Insanoland collection and only available to Aura guests. It's called Fingerbash as Pierce went over the falls on a solid 8ft heaving set and was mashed into the reef. Ass, elbows and feet cut up, but the real pain was the tip of his finger exploding like a stick of dynamite. With this historical moment  "Fingerbash" was born.

We have a of variety waves all over the island, if you want to come see for yourself then its time to round up your crew and make use of this Super Special:  15% Discount on travel from 14 - 21 August 2016 for up to 9 people.

Big thanks to Charlie Cullen, resident photographer, master path finder and machete wielding maniac for this months pics and the crazy footage, have a squiz at his instagram page to see his other island shenanigans @charliecullenphoto

See you soon
Aura Surf Resort - North Sumatra

the good life

Fingerbash from a different angle

Nick checking for island savages: photo by Jordan Morris

time to admire on the paddle up the reef: photo @deanhammer

Pierce thinking of names for this new beast: photo by Jordan Morris

Beachies pack a punch in Indo too

new photo tower angle

Pierce's reply to Rozsa's air game : photo by Jordan Morris

as the swell started to arrive: photo @deanhammer

last light

El Capitano

roof inspection


Jimmy about to get kegged off his head: photo by Jordan Morris

Big Boss, booties recommended: photo @deanhammer


different kind of shade


go time

could here this thing spitting across the bay: photo @deanhammer

boss on boss: photo @deanhammer

tucked in

the colours of the tropics: photo @deanhammer

Cy getting familiar: photo @deanhammer

out front at Aura

" We bring a superfresh, old skool throwdown dance contest from the future... to determine who the Real B Boys are! "


still not camouflaged enough for the keen eye of lensman Charlie Cullen

Hello Mister!

smoking lessons from the pros

The Peak back on

the crew...beards optional

spat on

red board kindly donated by departing guests put to good use: photo @deanhammer

and thats why you NEVER veer off the path, Insanoland locals will get ya!

dark side of the moon: photo @deanhammer

Super Special 15% discount for bookings from 14 - 21 August 2016 for up to 9 people.

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