April Hudhuranfushi Report by Richard Kotch

If someone was to tell you that there is a surf spot that had delivered good waves every day for an entire month you would probably find it quite hard to believe, but, as someone once said, the camera does not lie, and I am now looking back through a quite remarkable file of photographs for the month of April at Lohis.  What is even more remarkable is the fact that the last three weeks of March were also super consistent meaning that we have actually had over seven weeks of straight of waves here at Hudhuranfushi and the surf season is only just getting going!  Just to clarify, I am not talking about big barrels here, I am talking chest high to slightly overhead playful perfection. I am talking two hundred metre rides across crystal clear water under a cloudless sky. I am talking, and I quote: “The funnest surf trip I have ever had in thirty years of travelling” Happy days at Hudhuranfushi!  For the record, the remarkable run finally ended on the last day of the month but the forecast for next week is ramping up nicely!
Richard Kotch

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