The 1st half of April - Resort Latitude Zero


Heaps of fun lately with guests enjoying some playful waves, with the period to lengthen a build swell is on the cards.  In the meantime fishing and snorkelling have been pretty special with a rare Dugong sighting!!  The opening of the new “Premier Bungalows” has everyone excited and the guests stoked with the new option, proving a popular choice amongst or regular (returning) guests and their families.  Loving it YEW !!

Guide – Adz
Surf Report – 14/04/16


Sumatran Sessions 

The current guests adventure came to an end with a nice and relaxing final day here at Resort Latitude Zero for the New Zealand and Julz crews.  With fun waves on offer everyone opted for early starts making the most of the conditions. Swell magnets being the pick of it today giving everyone the chance to pull their fun boards out of the bag… Good times.
Guide – Adz
Surf Report – 11/04/16


Equator – Indonesia 

Once again the guests at Resort Latitude Zero were blessed with the empty blue line ups of the Telos Islands, Sumatra.  Although the first “real”solid swell of the year didn’t live up to the hype, our guides placed the boys in the right spot at the right time.  The forecast looks to be in the small to mid range size for the coming week, so check us out in a couple days for the next report. We are anxiously awaiting you, Huey!

Guide – LL
Surf Report – 08/04/16

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