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Dear Michael (World Surfaris),  

It is with great pleasure that I send this note. My friends and I just returned from a 19 night stay at your resort in South Sumatra.  I felt it was important that I communicate directly with you, as opposed to simply posting a blind review online. Also, I...

Scott Gruzinsky

Hey Cathy, Had the most awesome trip!  Perfect 4-6+ foot every day - the peak is a machine.  Once again the food was just fantastic – mostly haunted Ali’s (at Nungas) where Craig and Bernie presented Ali and Watti & Kids with Cricket bats and balls (Ali loves cricket), also Fatma’s where I...

Daniel Zen

Hi Steve (World Surfaris),  
Hope you are well and thanks for helping us out with J-Bay. It was AMAZING!!  Just wanted to mention two things:
1. Jaybay house was great. Lovely hosts, delicious breakfasts, awesome views, and well maintained B&B!!
2. Eteinne was a great surf...

Jean Escandor

This trip came about as my wife was not keen for me to do a surf trip without the family. I rang Josh from World Surfaris and he suggested that Huduhuranfushi Resort would be the best option for me and my family. It turned out an awesome...

Julian Hurrell

Lakey Peak Haven is a great place to stay with lots of room and nice new amenities.  Michael, Made and the gang are good hosts and happy to help out with anything you need to make your stay comfortable.  You are centred to 6 great surf...

Ted Knowles

The swell was good, but the group really made it a great trip!  The guests on board; the guide, the crew and Thomas all helped make it something we'll never forget!  And keen to get back to the Maldives!

Stuart Cox

We had the most amazing trip on the Manta. Great group of fellow surfers, delicious food and a really really good crew and guides!! The guides made sure everyone was happy surfing the different spots and really catered for all the skill levels. They were so relaxed and easy to chat to. There was...

Kerryn Arnold

Great place for all ages and surfing experience.

Matthew Stoios

Surfing Village has an amazing setup up. An awesome wave out front plus multiple options in the boats for whatever conditions the wind and swell throw up. I've never been a fan of organised camps/boats that have "surf guides" because that's usually code for "someone that's getting paid to be on...

Jamie Kaden

Brent was very hospitable, the accommodation was basic, but clean and perfectly located.

Anthony Pitarides

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