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Customer Testimonials

Salani Surf resort is so good, we loved Jesse and all the staff, we will go back again

Alan Potterton

Great surf, food, accommodation, service, company & beautiful friendly Samoan people!!

John Denny

had an excellent trip - lucked into some good waves

Ben Brown

Before leaving Sydney we checked with you about payment options (no credit card) we discovered they accepted Tala, $AUS and Visa after chatting to Jess
Everything else about the booking was made easy and comfortable

Chris Williams

Staff at Joyos were great nothing was too difficult food was really tasty and heaps of can’t wait to go back

Richard Ghent

I really enjoyed our boat crew. Teddy (our guide) is a great asset to your organization. And the entire crew of our boat was great to be a part of. Hassan is also a standout crew member of the boat.

Rob Hyypio

We enjoyed the low key atmosphere of Salanis . The local village tour ,loved it getting an insight into the customs and culture really added to the trip. Surfed a few spots gave a little slice of the different breaks available.

Graham Pettet

Would love to see a quicker way to arrive and depart the Surf Village. It took over 48 hours from leaving home to arriving on location. There was a lot of waiting around.

David Wiseman

It was my 2nd time at Surfing Village, having been there previously in 2016. Really well run show. Casual, but the focus is always on chasing the waves. Loads of fun, in and out of the water.

Scott Wiseman

Everything went well. The island and the surfing village crew were great. If there were anything I would improve it would be the boat transfer from Padang to the island and back. It is a slow old boat that could be improved to reduce the...

Theodore Kabbout

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