Kandui August 18-20 Swell Report

August 19th (8)

Hi All,

Kandui Resort in the play ground regions of the Mentawais has diligently sent out their latest surf report.  If it hurts to look at the amazing waves and warm water feel free to look away! Enjoy

WS :)

Aug 18th surf report

We had a big south swell start to roll in today.  Everyone was hoping Rifles, but the winds were strong out of the south and it was blown.  Hideaways was looking good though, but much of the swell was passing it by so it was much smaller than the south facing reefs.  We surfed there for the morning session and everyone got some good ones.  Photos attached.  The winds turned around midday so we sent the boys over to one of our spots that is not surfed by many others and, sure enough, it was going off and empty!  (Greem water photos)  Only one other guy that lives in the area ever showed up.  It’s a peak and both sides were working good.  Our crew were stoked to split the peak until the wind switched again late in the afternoon.  A couple of us stayed back to tow a novelty wave, the peak in between Aframes and Rifles that occasionally breaks on big swells.  That peak usually rolls through and only gives people a little thrill as we motor out to Rifles.  It caps once in a while and then quickly reforms, but rarely actually breaks.  But it was so big today that it was consistently breaking and I saw what looked to be 25 foot face SETS rolling though the channel.  We couldn’t have expected it to last and we only got a couple of triple overhead waves before it stopped breaking, but it was fun and we will definitely be looking at that again the next time it gets that big.  I towed Justice into some big Aframes after that, then we had to go check out the show at Rifles as a few pros showed up and to take on big, low tide, slightly onshore, and more than slightly sketchy Rifles.  It was triple overhead on the sets with clamshelling barrels and not much water on the reef, but they were handling as pros do.  I’m sure you will see pictures of Nathan Fletcher, John Florence, and Dane Gudaskas doing their thing out there in a mag or website near you.  Nathan Fletcher is a maniac, taking off on bombs at the most shallow spot on the reef.  Hats off!  Looking at smaller, but still big, south swell in the morning.

Aug 19th surf report

The swell was smaller today, but there were still some big sets.  Our first boat went to Kandui’s, lead by it’s number one frother, Justice.  Our second boat went by Kandui’s as we headed for Beng Beng to see if any of the guys there wanted to go there.  Almost everyone piled it!  At that time, the wind was a bit funky, the waves were a bit funky, and it was busy!  But the ones that stayed behind with Justice had the last laugh because the crowds left, it got glassy, and they scored big!!!  Photos attached.  Meanwhile, we hit Beng Beng and were stoked to see fun waves and no one out.  But it didn’t last long as 2 boats quickly descended on us and those guys were frothing big time over shoulder high Beng Beng and causing a bad vibe, but we had the last laugh as well because the wind tuned a little bit and we high tailed it to our peak which was as empty and as fun as it was the day before!  We surfed it until the wind mercifully changed and we could take our burned out bodies back to the resort.  We got back for “lunch” around 4pm!  Looking at smaller surf tomorrow, but not flat by any means.

Aug 20th surf report

We had a storm blow through last night it left behind west winds.  That’s a good thing if you like barreling rights because that’s the wind that Rifles likes, and there was enough of that south swell around for it to break with good sets still going a few feet overhead.  We were the first on it at dawn and it broke all day long, although the swell was definitely on it’s way out by the afternoon.  Our guests got some great waves and were stoked to get good winds for Rifles in the middle of a wind pattern that blows it out.  Our guests that did not want Rifles surfed 4 Bobs and Aframes which were both clean and breaking well all day as well.  It’s only day three and I think by the number of appointments our masseuse has on the books right now that it is safe to say everyone is surfed out!  We are expecting smaller surf tomorrow, although a new, more west, swell is due to start filling in by the afternoon.

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