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500 miles north of the equator sits this remote chain of islands forgotten in time… towering mountains, lush green rainforests, stunning sunsets, waterfalls, hiking, game fishing, the friendliest people in the Pacific and let’s not forget - world class surf. Stretching over thousands of kilometres, the Caroline Islands are part of the widely scattered islands of the Federated States of Micronesia. They offer a mix of perfect waves, unique tropical beauty and rich local culture. 

Founded in 2004 by Allois Malfitani and close friend Chris Groak, Pohnpei Surf Club is the original surf operation in the Caroline Islands. Having surfed the region since 2000, Allois and Chris decided it was time to share their secret but with a focus on ensuring that the environment (both land and water) was respected. The surf breaks are all situated between one and two miles offshore. Navigation through the maze of shallow inshore reefs is not easy and requires their expert local knowledge. 


Widely renowned as one of the world's best rights, P-Pass offers up an incredible barrel ride. Don’t get scared by the pictures… the big Teahupoo-style waves you see on the website only hit Pohnpei a few times a year. Most swells deliver perfect 2ft to 6ft faces.  The staff at Pohnpei Surf Club will make your surfing holiday an experience never to forget. Allois and his friendly crew will ensure you get maximum surf time, catch a big fish and experience the incredible island of Pohnpei.

Waterfront Accommodation

Pohnpei Surf Club operates out of Pohnpei's latest and greatest holiday accommodation.  Boasting excellent facilities and located just 10 minutes’ drive from the airport, the new and improved Pohnpei Surf Club is close to surf breaks and only a short stroll to some excellent Pohnpei bars and restaurants such as the Rusty Anchor, Ocean View Hotel and Restaurant, Arnolds Pizza, Flamingo and Simons Market (local fish and produce market). It’s also just a quick car ride to Cupids and other bars and restaurants in Kolonia town… the perfect location! 

Pohnpei Surf Club will be hosting World Surfaris’ guests in the newest rooms on Pohnpei Island… overlooking the water with great views and excellent service. Located on the scenic Mangrove Bay peninsula, nestled next to calm warm tropical waters, you couldn’t picture a more beautiful place to spend an island getaway. 

The property features a marina complete with several boats available for fishing, diving, snorkelling, surfing or sailing charters and an island style bar boasting the best drink selection on Pohnpei. Surf Palikir Pass (P-Pass), one of the top right hand breaks in the world; take a hike through a tropical rainforest; admire the hundreds of banana and coconut trees in the area; or simply stop to smell the beautiful Pohnpei flowers. The convenient location of Pohnpei Surf Club will enable you to make the most of your island escape.

Whether you’re looking for a surf trip, dive trip, fun family holiday or a romantic getaway, Pohnpei Surf Club delivers excellent value for an affordable price. The dedicated and professional staff will welcome you with true “Kaselehlie” spirit! With the telescope upstairs, you can check out the surf conditions at first light, grab breakfast and head out for a short 7 mile boat ride to Palikir. Yes, it’s a huge upgrade from previous seasons… for less money and fewer surfers. This is a hard deal to beat in the surfing world.  All we can say is Book Early!

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