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Surfer numbers capped

World Surfaris has been appointed surf operations managers at Adaaran Select Huduranfushi Resort and has taken a welcome step to cap on-island surfer numbers to a maximum of 45. This improved surfer package promises to free up the house break ‘Lohi’s’ from the annual abundance of visiting surfers. This mid-range multi-facility resort is perfect for surfing couples, honeymooners, families or the boys looking to kick back after a boat trip. There are not too many resorts in the world with a world-class wave within walking distance from your room. Lohis is widely regarded as the best left in the Maldives, not only is it super consistent and surf-able in any swell/wind/tide combination, but it is also good at any size, from 2ft to 6ft, and has multiple take off areas to spread out the guests. It’s hard to imagine a better set up so close to your room. Under the new surfer management plan, you will now be one of only 45 surfers with access to Lohi's left. Less people in the water will mean more waves for you, but with only 45 passes available at any one time, you must act now.

Guaranteed uncrowded surfing

In the past, there has been no control on the number of surfers permitted to stay at Hudhuranfushi Resort. As a result, surfer numbers spiralled out of control during the last few years, leaving many people frustrated after travelling half way around the world only to surf with a crowd. In order to guarantee uncrowded waves and a great atmosphere in and out of the water, Hudhuranfushi Resort appointed World Surfaris as surf operation managers in 2014. The capped surfer numbers program was introduced at the resort, originally with a maximum of 35 surfers. In 2015, the surf package prices have been drastically reduced and the maximum number of surfers has been marginally increased to 45 on island, which is very manageable for such a super consistent wave.

With effect for stays from 1 March 2015 through to season ending 31 October 2015, ALL SURFERS coming to the resort MUST book onto the ‘surfer allocation’ managed by World Surfaris. If surfers arrive at the resort without a space booked in the surfer allocation, they will not be able to surf at Lohis break. The allocation system is the only way to manage surfer numbers and ensure uncrowded waves.

Two (2) dhoni boats will be available at all times during the surf season for transfers to the 6 other breaks in the area. The cost of a dhoni boat day pass is US$75/day and is inclusive of 2 x 3 hour boat trips each day.  Dhoni boat trips in 2015 are on a pay-as-you-go basis, booked at the World Surfaris office at the Lohis Bar.


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