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Caroline Islands

Pohnpei Surf Club

Surf the world's best right-hander: P Pass

Pictures tell a thousand words. This place cooks. Great host with fast boats. World-renowned waves. Limited space for season from October to April. PSC is located in Pohnpei in the Caroline Island and is by far the most consistent area in the region due to the open facing reefs catching all swell directions. Pohnpei is proven as a world class surfing destination and no doubt the number one spot in the Caroline Islands.

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"For how gnarly it looks from the outside, the wave is actually really easy to surf. There’s a spot on the reef, and if you sit right there it just lets you roll into it without much fuss. From there it’s just a bottom turn, line it up, hold your ground and get tubed for five seconds (laughs). When it’s in that 6-8 feet range (like it was this time), it’s just this perfect hole.”

Dylan Longbottom - pro surfer

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500 miles north of the equator sits a remote chain of islands forgotten in time: towering mountains, lush green rainforests, stunning sunsets, waterfalls, hiking, game fishing, the friendliest people in the Pacific and let’s not forget the world class surf.  Read More...

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Widely renowned as one of the world's best rights. An incredible barrel ride. Don’t get scared by the pictures - the big Teahupoo-style waves you see on the website only hit Pohnpei a few times a year. Most swells are perfect 2ft to 6ft faces.

Fantastic hosts

The staff at PSC will make your holiday an experience never to forget. Allois and his friendly crew will ensure you get maximum surf time, catch a big fish and experience the incredible island of Pohnpei.

New Waterfront accommodation

Pohnpei's latest and greatest accommodation the 'Mangrove Bay Hotel' is at your disposal. Boasting excellent facilities and located just 10 minutes car ride from the airport. The Mangrove Bay Hotel is closer to surf breaks and only a short stroll to some excellent bar's and restaurants. With better facilities, greater comfort, closer to surf and a great view - New and return guests are in for a treat.

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Click on CHECK PRICES for current availability and prices and follow the simple online enquiry procedure. For more information email us, drop in or call. Our friendly consultants are standing by to turn your dreams into reality.

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